ABIS – eAdjudication of Background InvestigationS

ABIS is a modern, web-based case management system for prescreening and adjudicating background investigations and security clearances for both Federal government employees and contractor personnel. ABIS has been refined over many years, and has been in production at the IRS since 2003.

  • Maintains comprehensive electronic record of all conducted background investigations/clearances
  • Covers all aspects of background investigation and security clearance processing, from initiating to closing, modifying and re-adjudicating (including reinvestigations)
  • Automates all OPM interfaces

  • Web-Based, Robust, Modern
  • Compliant with all ODNI e-Adjudication published guidelines to date (Tiers 1 & 3)
  • Automatic pre-screening of cases to expedite granting/denial for Interim Access based on agency requirements
  • Processes closed fingerprint results from OPM and stores them with the appropriate case data
  • Automatically creates suitability worksheets and all closing documents
  • Automates processing of final determination and all due process criteria
  • Seamless integration with OPM’s e-Delivery system for automated processing of:
    • Fingerprint SACs
    • Completed Full Investigations
    • RSIs
    • Delayed Replies
    • EFRs (Electronic File Releases)
  • Automatic generation of case documents and reports, including:
    • Letter of Inquiry
    • Final Approval Memo
    • Final Denial Memo
    • Open Inventory Report
    • Closed Inventory Report
  • Automatically generates the CVS file for uploading to OPM’s Central Verification System
  • Provides Role-Based Security

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  • Automated processing for Security Clearance Actions, including:
    • Grant
    • Deny
    • Downgrade
    • Suspend
    • Administratively Withdraw
    • Revoke
    • Cancel
  • Automated Case Workload Balancing
  • Personalized Case Inventory, driving the work of Personnel Security staff
  • Makes electronic case files available to any individual working the case at any time
  • Automatic generation of emails to interested parties throughout case
  • processing, using pre-formatted templates and case data
  • Generates Briefing/Debriefing Packets and Visit Authorization Requests
  • Enables historical tracking by linking subjects to all of their background investigations/clearances
  • Automatically updates OPM’s Background Investigation Case Management System (PIPS) with final adjudication results (OF79a)
  • Generates refresher briefing emails and tracks compliance with required refresher briefing training

ABIS is a web-based solution which uses the following technologies:

  • Java
  • Tomcat Application Server
  • MS SQL Server 2012
  • Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT)
  • Model-View-Controller framework
  • HTML5/CSS3

ABIS uses an MS SQL Server RDBMS; your organization needs to have a license for MS SQL Server 2012.

  • The automation provided by ABIS greatly reduces processing time for background investigations, resulting in a substantial increase in the productivity of agency personnel.
  • ABIS standardizes adjudication processing, data, and work products.
  • ABIS easily integrates/interfaces with other agency systems related to the hiring process via
    • Web Services
    • Excel Spreadsheets
    • Text Files
    • XML Files
  • The e-Delivery interface reduces mailing costs and data entry errors, as well as cycle time.
  • The automated OF79a interface reduces manual processing and associated errors.
  • ABIS ensures a central, up-to-date case file via easy access of electronic files to all case workers.
  • ABIS reduces the risk of PII information being compromised.

  • DataSource has broad and in-depth expertise in the Personnel Security/Adjudication business area, as well as in e-Adjudication implementations and interfaces.
  • DataSource has been refining ABIS for the past 14 years; it is a mature product with up-to-date functionality.
  • DataSource’s subject matter knowledge and the maturity of the ABIS system allow us to provide a high-quality end product on a competitive basis.

ABIS can be implemented and in production in approximately one year for most organizations.

Based on FAR Subpart 19.15: Woman-Owned Small Business Program & Section 8(m) of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 637{m}), DataSource may be engaged on a sole-source basis for the implementation of ABIS. The sole-source option presents an expeditious avenue for ABIS implementation. DataSource will implement ABIS in accordance with its GSA Schedule 70 (SIN 132-51).

Yes. To arrange a demo of ABIS, or for additional information, contact:
Chris Zinkl, Director of Application Development, at czinkl@datasourceinc.com or
Pamela Hopkins, President & CEO, at phopkins@datasourceinc.com