AIM – Aviation Incident Management

AIM is an easy-to- use, web-based system designed for airlines to track, manage, and report safety-related incidents.

AIM provides airline management with the tools and information needed to effectively and efficiently manage safety operations and report safety incidents.

AIM automates the processes that need to be followed upon occurrence of each incident, saving airline personnel considerable time and effort.

The central repository of all incident data, which is created when using AIM, becomes valuable enterprise information that can be analyzed and used to improve airline operations and net profits.

AIM provides easy entry and update of safety incident data across the entire airline.

AIM provides a comprehensive record of incident data, including flight information, contacts (PPR, passengers, ground and maintenance crew members, witnesses, and injured persons), reports and other documents, images and photos.

AIM’s workflow functionality enables task assignment such that tasks display appropriately for each staff member involved in safety operations.

AIM tracks the status of all task assignments, action items, outcomes,investigation progress and results, and dispositions for all incidents.

AIM links each safety incident to applicable CFR’s and OSHA regulations.

AIM’s Dashboard provides an entry point into the system for all users, enabling them to view information pertinent to their own security roles. High level information on the Dashboard may be clicked on to drill down to more detailed data. This information includes:

  • “Incidents at a Glance” – breakout of incident data by status (pie chart)
  • “Quick Launch” Reports – various incident and safety data provided via pie charts, graphs and other reports
  • Action Item Data
  • Audit Information
  • Incident Risk Assessment Data
  • Safety Meeting Processing
  • Quick Links

The workflow capability of AIM enables an efficient process for handling incidents, tracking incident status, and enabling airline personnel to easily see work assigned to them.

AIM automatically generates required reports and data for the FAA, NTSB, NASA, and OSHA for each safety incident.

AIM provides real-time management information, including trend analysis, operations analysis, and cost analysis.

The automation provided by AIM increases the efficiency and accuracy of safety departments in the handling of safety incidents, creating time and cost savings.

AIM capabilities and reports provide key information to management for improving airline safety, resulting in long-term cost savings.

The demonstrable, automated safety management processes and year-over-year data produced by AIM may provide an opportunity for substantial reductions in insurance premiums.

System-generated data and reports submitted electronically to the FAA reduce the need for onsite visits.

AIM enables company-wide sharing of relevant information and heightens safety awareness across the airline.

AIM pinpoints policies, procedures, and training required to update and improve safety operations.

Use of a safety incident management system such as AIM can improve the airline’s safety profile in the eyes of regulatory agencies and the public.

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