Pipeliner – Mobile Tracking System for Pipeline Construction

Pipeliner is a mobile application that enables field workers in the oil and gas industry to input and gain access to real-time data during all phases of pipeline construction projects.

Pipeliner provides all project team members (onsite and in office locations) with instant access to pipeline data, including:

  • Length, diameter and wall thickness
  • Types of bends and welds used in connecting pipes
  • Exact pipeline locations

Pipeliner enables the recordation of pipeline information as well as the automatic retrieval of stored pipeline data.

Pipeliner allows users to quickly enter a Tally by “cloning” existing joints.

When new pipe cut information is entered into Pipeliner, the application automatically recalculates the length of the original pipe and creates a new pipe for the cut segment.

Pipeliner enables the upload of land survey information from survey equipment. The system automatically associates survey data with specific pipeline components.

  • Segment Length Reports
    • Assist with planning and monitoring of project progress
  • Detailed Weld "Map"
    • A descriptive, textual representation of the pipeline with components and attributes, including X-ray references, coatings and land survey information
    • In cases of pipeline damage, field workers can access the Weld Map to view:
      • Type of piping used
      • Weld and bend information
      • Exact location of pipeline

Pipeliner replaces manual-intensive, redundant data entry, which can result in errors and construction delays.

Pipeliner is easily accessible from any mobile device.

Pipeliner enables workers to easily locate any pipe segment or weld location on a map by simply clicking the survey coordinates, thus allowing for quick response to needed repairs, etc.

Pipeliner increases efficiency on projects as all workers gain instant access to the pipeline information they need.

Pipeliner enables management to view work progress real-time, supporting scheduling, planning and task assignment.

  • Java
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3

Coming: GPS coordinates/mapping

For more information on Pipeliner, or to arrange a demo, contact:
Chris Zinkl, Director of Application Development.
703.748.7180, ext. 252