DataSource places a high value on innovation, which is reflected in the design and implementation of our featured products. For more details, click on product photos below.

ABIS – eAdjudication of Background Investigations

ABIS is a modern, web-based eAdjudication system for federal government background investigations and security clearances. ABIS is compliant with all ODNI eAdjudication published guidelines to date.

Abri – For Modernization of Software Systems

Abri is a Java/.Net automation and code-generation tool for modernizing legacy systems. Abri enables legacy developers, who already have application and business knowledge, to modernize their systems by entering business logic and data requirements -- for easy one-click, automatic generation of optimal program code in either Java or .Net.

Pipeliner – Mobile Tracking System for Pipeline Construction

Pipeliner is a mobile application that provides effective management capabilities for pipeline construction and maintenance. Field workers can enter and access real-time data during all phases of pipeline construction projects, and can use that data to pinpoint the exact location of needed repairs for underground pipeline maintenance.

AIM – Aviation Incident Management

AIM provides incident tracking for airline management needs and federal reporting requirements. AIM provides relevant data via management dashboards to facilitate proactive airline safety measures.